Originally commissioned by the Ise Cultural Foundation in 2010, Ouroboros in it’s latest incarnation is a collaboration between Keir Vine and video artist Ali Hossaini which was installed at Danish Art / Science / Technology festival Click in Helsingør, May 2017.


Ouroboros treats the history of the universe as an animated visual poem. The piece is a all-engrossing exploration of the evolution of Cosmos, Bios and Consciousness which uses thousands of images projected rapidly onto 3 vast projected screens. It uses Chromodepth technology to create strongly holographic images.


The soundscape that was created reflects these themes and is transmitted through a 10 channel speaker system embedded into the space. The different elements of sound were spacialised using technology developed by Kings College Informatics Professor Zoran Cvetkovic and Dr Enzo De Sena.


The piece will be installed again in Paris in Spring 2018.